The SIMs

We are a team of dedicated visual artists who love taking photos and making videos. We enjoy telling stories through our lenses, sharing what we ate, where we went, and whom we met. We all came from different backgrounds; film study, art students, veteran wedding photographer, and even business majors, but now we all share the same goal, love what we do and do it well! 

SIM was founded in Summer 2012, but long before that we’ve already been telling love stories for families and friends through our lenses.

From family portraits to life style shoots, we really enjoyed capturing the details and moments. We loved the unprocessed emotions coming through interactions, and the joy & tear when they see themselves in the photos. It is this heart warming emotion that encouraged us to move forward and explore more into the world of portrait photography.

Why Wedding

Weddings are filled with emotions and beautiful details. It is very personal and being part of it makes us feel connected. It is through this connection that we are able to really capture the moments and document the memories that will last forever. Remember that joyful feeling you get when you were attending your best friend’s wedding? We get that every time, It’s a blessing!

Our Style

We love photo-journalistic style, it’s discreet and creative. With minimum interruptions, we quietly capture the moments; the moments you cried for, the moments you laughed at, and the moments you missed out.

We can also be very aggressive! When necessary we will charge into the crowd, stay close to the actions. Our lenses will become your eyes, capturing the moments that will make you say “Hey I remember this, I was there!”